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Our History

The vision of the National Coalition of Women in Ministry (NCWM) was given by God to Dr. Jada Shipp Meeks in July 2001. Dr. Jada became a licensed minister in January 2001. Dr. Meeks has been a computer programmer, teacher, assistant principal and principal. In each of these roles she always joined the national professional organizations that were available to give her that extra support as she worked diligently to do her job. She did not depend on her immediate boss to provide all of the training that she needed. She began searching for a national organization to affiliate with to learn more about being a better minister of the word of God. After asking every minister she knew and searching on the Internet for organizations that helped support and connect women ministers, she found that there wasn't an organization on that level. Yes, there were organizations that were affiliated with a particular denomination, but not one that was nondenominational in nature. In Jada's studies she found Jesus to be nondenominational in nature and wanted to find an organization that was more like Christ. So after much prayer and studying, God said that Jada would start one.

From 2001 to 2003 God placed women in her life that would help implement the vision spiritually and financially. In March 2004 the nonprofit charter was confirmed for the National Coalition of Women in Ministry.

The Esther Awards

In 2005 NCWM began hosting the Esther Awards Banquet and ceremony. This award is given to women that have excelled in ministry in their local church and community. Twenty five women are honored each year by NCWM. The first Esther awards banquet had over 300 hundred guest at the event. Today we host the Esther Awards Banquet and ceremony in multiple cities across the country. We have honored over 650 women in 300 churches. Check our events calendar to see if an Esther Awards Banquet is scheduled for your area.Visit to make your nomination.

National Convention

We hosted our first National Convention in Memphis Tennessee in 2005. At the first convention we had seven states represented. Each year we host an Annual Convention.

We pray that you consider becoming a member of the National Coalition of Women in Ministry. If you have a heart to empower others while you are being empowered, this is the ministry for you.

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